Friday, August 17, 2012

Sage Tea, Extract, and Pill

Before trying sage for my excessive sweating, I had tried numerous other products such as topical antiperspirants, tea soaks, and iontophoresis. Most of these worked for certain areas, but did not treat my full body excessive sweating. After reading good reviews about sage online, I purchased Alvita sage tea from Vitamin Shoppe. I would try to drink 2-3 cups per day. I noticed a reduction in my sweat, but it was not as effective as I had hoped.

 I then tried sage extract. I also bought the sage extract from Vitamin Shoppe, but it is available online. Each day, I would put a few drops into a water bottle and try to drink about 2 bottles of the water with sage extract per day. I experienced great results from this. I had little to no sweat on areas such as my back, the back of my legs, and underarms. I also had a large decrease of sweat in my hands and feet.

After about a month of using the sage extract, I switched to using the pill form. I had been getting lazy using the sage extract daily and thought it would be easier to just take one pill per day. I used a Natures Best sage pill ( The company is based in the UK, so if you are from the US like myself it may take a few weeks until you receive it. Also the pills are large, so if you have trouble taking pills, I would recommend using the extract instead. The pill form seemed to work just as well as the extract. I experienced the biggest reduction of sweat in my back, underarms, and on the back of my legs. It reduced the sweating in my hands and feet, but did not completely inhibit the sweating. Sage is a safe product that I would recommend trying to those suffering from excessive sweating.

From the reviews that I found online, sage works very well for women suffering from menopausal sweating (although I did not take sage for this problem). Some helpful links for sage during menopause are listed below:

Q&A about sage and sweating

How does sage prevent sweating?
  • Sage is an example of an "anhidrotic" and when ingested, can decrease sweating overall in the body. 
What form should sage be used in?
  • Sage comes in many different forms such as tea. My favorite brand of sage tea is  "Alvita". I bought that brand from Vitamin Shoppe, but it can also be purchased online from sites such as Amazon. Sage can also be bought as an extract and mixed with water or any other kind of drink. There is also a pill form of sage.

How effective is sage?
  • Sage works very well for decreasing sweating. It has reduced my sweating by about 70%. It also has numerous other benefits including decreasing anxiety, preventing hot flashes, and improving memory and concentration. 

Are there any side effects of sage?
  • Some products with sage can contain a chemical called thujone which can be very damaging to the brain and liver when taken in excess.Before buying any sage product, be sure to contact the manufacturer to check that their product does not contain thujone.



  1. You should check out DermiDry. It is a daily vitamin for people suffering from hyperhidrosis. each pill contains 400mg of sage (thujone free)as well as 12 other sweat-reducing herdal extracts and vitamins.

  2. Sage tea is definitely one of the most effective herbal remedies for excessive sweating. I found some more herbs at that seem like they might work.

  3. I never thought about using tea to help my sweaty hands. Thank you for sharing this. Ill definitely try it out now.